At the old San Francisco Produce Terminal, receiving a shipment of potatoes for wholesalers to sell in 1944 was a cause for smiling faces because spuds were an oh-so-scarce commodity.  The produce terminal, then located in the financial district in San Francisco, met the wrecking ball in 1962, making way for skyscrapers and the Golden Gateway Center.


*Photo and write-up courtesy of Produce Business, February 1998


During World War II, the folks on the home front experienced food shortages and rationing.  In fact, arrivals of produce destined for public consumption were often newsworthy events.  In this photo, Phillip Franzella (the gentleman in the suit and hat standing to the right of the white-coated man holding a bag of potatoes) attends a photo op announcing the arrival of a shipment of potatoes destined for consumers in the San Francisco Bay area.

Today, Phil and cousin Joe Sperandeo, carries on the family produce business, managing Franzella Produce and Franzella Distributing at the Golden Gate Produce Terminal. The third generation of Franzella's, Joey, is also following family tradition.


*Photo and write-up courtesy of  Produce Business February 2005 Vol 21